Title: Post Industrial Landscape | Publication: Illozine 19 | Art Director: James O'Brien
Title: Legacies of AME Church Activism & Debate | Publication: AME Bicentennial Social Justice Forum Program | Art Director: Jennifer Leath
Title: Waiting for a Response | Publication: Self Promotion
Title: Assets, Liabilities, and Risk | Publication: APICS Magazine | Art Director: Hwa Kim
Title: ABC's of Political Absurdity | Publication: Self Promotion
Title: Uncommon Ground | Publication: Teaching Tolerance Magazine | Art Director: Valerie Downes
Title: I'm From Driftwood | Publication: Driftwood LGBT Story Archives | Art Director: Nathan Manske
Title: Book Cover Club | Publication: Self Promotion
Title: I Live Here: Queens | Organization: I Live Here | Art Director: Annabel Short | Description: Collaborative banner project with undergraduate Design majors at CUNY Queens College
Title: Movement is Rising: The Story of Black Lives Matter | Organization: Museum of Impact | Art Director/ Curator: Jackie Peterson | Description: Exhibition posters for traveling show and programming that engages communities with the history and future of the Black Lives Matter movement and related campaigns that originated on social media.

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