An ongoing, informal archive of queer happenings and history.

Boy Beach, Provincetown, 7/23

Michael Venturiello, 4/24

Greenwich Village, 4/24

31st Annual Dyke March, Manhattan, 6/23

Author/ Illustrator Mike Curato, Provincetown, 7/23

Author Hugh Ryan on the legacy of February House, Brooklyn, 6/23

Councilmember Crystal Hudson speaks at Edie Windsor and Thea Speyer street dedication, Greenwich Village, 6/23

Choreographer / Dancer Jiemin Yang performs "Wo," Queens, 6/23

Photographer Austin Ruffer on documenting nightlife, Harlem, 6/23

Chiquitita presents a Veneno tribute night at Cmon Everybody, Brooklyn, 6/23

Kylie Minogue performs Padam Padam, Jones Beach, 6/23

Joshua Mardell and Adam Nathaniel Furman discuss their book "Queer Spaces," Cooper Hewitt Museum, 6/23

Joan Nestle on Riis Beach in the 1950's, Queens, 6/23

Jahlove Serrano on the future of Riis Beach, New York Historical Society, 6/23

Riis Beach, Queens, 6/23

Qween Jean marching, Greenwich Village, 6/23

Legacy of Stewart's Cafeteria, Greenwich Village, 6/23

Jay Shockley and Ken Lustbader of the NYC LGBT Sites Project describe Fedora, Greenwich Village, 6/23

Julius, Greenwich Village, 6/23

Marchers, East Village, 6/23

Author Greggor Mattson talks about findings in his book "Who Needs Gay Bars?" with Hugh Ryan, The Center, 6/23

The legacy of the Darned Club, Staten Island, 6/23

In remembrance of Julio Rivera, Queens, 6/23

James Derham of NYC Health and Hospitals, Brooklyn Pride, 6/23 

Legacy of the Hat Sisters, Provincetown, 7/23

Esther hosts a panel discussion on the past, present and future of drag, Upper West Side, 6/23

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