“See You at Riis” is an 11,000 square foot love letter to the historically queer "People’s Beach" at Jacob Riis Park. It is a site-specific, projection-mapped animation designed to interact with the historic facades of airplane hangars 3 & 4 at Floyd Bennett Field in the Gateway National Recreation Area. 
The 8-minute piece traces a summer adventure through the sites and sounds of Gateway National Recreation Area, ending with a liberating splash into the waters and community of  New York City's historically queer public beach.
"See You at Riis" was commissioned by the Jamaica Bay Rockaway Parks Conservancy and premiered in April, 2024 as part of a public arts festival. Projection mapping was coordinated by ATD Audio Visual and original music was composed by Cody Boyce.
Above is documentation of the installation, courtesy of the FIT Faculty Research Space, and below is the original animation. Fullscreen versions can be accessed on my Vimeo page.

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