A poster for The Disabled List, a disability self advocacy organization that is creating pathways into design for disabled people. To create the illustration for the poster, I was paired with Jerron Herman, a writer and principal dancer for Heidi Lasky Dance, a company comprised of physically disabled performers. Mr. Herman has cerebral palsy, and our conversations focused on his experience of achieving asymmetrical forms of harmony and grace while navigating constructed environments that are usually not designed with his range of motion in mind. The poster reflects this by placing Mr. Herman in the formation of the golden ratio, a pattern that appears in nature and design and creates an asymmetrical sense of balance in the eyes of viewers. Mr. Herman then created a written description and poem inspired by the piece for the visually impaired. The back of the poster contains information about the disability rights organization, as well as an op-ed written by Disabled List founder Liz Jackson advocating for improved design made by and for people with disabilities.
The life-size posters have been installed in DOT art display cases in Manhattan’s Financial District and in Harlem. It was also on display in poster exhibition at the Museum of Art and Design from November 2nd, 2017 to January 7th, 2018.

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