Delaware Art Museum
Series of large-scale illustrations installed in the orientation hall of the Delaware Art Museum to highlight significant collections and contemporary programing. Client: Delaware Art Museum Art Director: Amelia Wiggins Industry Recognition: Society of Illustrators 61
The Washington Post
Illustrations for the Top Workplaces edition of the Washington Post Magazine Client: The Washington Post Art Director: Kathy Lee
El Ciclón
Poster and video graphics for theatrical production Client: National YoungArts Foundation Art Director: Lee Cohen Hare Industry Recognition: Gold Medal in Society of Illustrators 60, Latin American Ilustración 7
Disabled List
Poster for New York City Department of Transportation public advocacy campaign Client: NYC DOT Art Program/ AMPL!FY Collaborator: Jerron Herman Art Director: Liz Jackson Industry Recognition: Creative Quarterly 54
Past, Present and Future of Turkish Political Cartoons
Online comic for BuzzFeed that situates the current state of press censorship in Turkey within larger, rich legacy of Turkish comics. Client: BuzzFeed News Art Director: Will Varner Editor: Karolina Waclawiak Industry Recognition: American Illustration 37
Books for Young People in Court
Resources for young people, caregivers, and youth advocates in family court and criminal court. Available soon. Client: Center for Urban Pedagogy Art Director: Christine Gaspar
Into Action Labs
Animated gifs and zoom backgrounds for a collective of designers, illustrators, animators and artists building cultural momentum around civic engagement Client: Into Action Labs Art Director: Jen Epstein
La Medea
Poster and set design for interactive film and theater production Client: PS 122 Coil Festival Art Director: Yara Travieso Industry Recognition: American Illustration 36, Latin American Ilustración 6
A Guide to the Capital Budget
Print and online resource to help NYC residents participate in annual budget process Client: NYC Independent Budget Office Art Director: Susan Shaw
To Find Your Place in the World
Animated short film about community service Client: AmeriCorps Collaborator: Kelly Tsai Industry Recognition: American Illustration 35
a hieroglyphics of the flesh
Projections for dance production Client: Smith College Dance Art Director: Shayla-Vie Jenkins
AME Social Justice Forum
Illustrations for program at the African Methodist Episcopal Church Bicentennial conference in Philadelphia, PA. Client: AME Church Art Director: Jennifer Leath
Sagittarius A
Poster for a theatrical production Client: Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center Art Director: Yara Travieso
Prelude to Freedom Summer
Animated short film for to mark the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer. Industry Recognition: Society of Illustrators 57, ICON9 Motion Commotion
Teaching Tolerance Magazine
Illustration for article "Uncommon Ground" Client: Southern Poverty Law Center Art Director: Valerie Downes
APICS Magazine
Illustrations for article "Assets, Liabilities, and Risk" Client: APICS Magazine Art Director: Hwa Kim
Juilliard Music Technology Center
Illustrated, interactive projection designs for theater production of Igor Stravinsky's Histoire du Soldat. Client: Juilliard Music Technology Center Art Director: Yara Travieso
Re-imagined Book Covers
self-directed portfolio
Coming Out Stories
Illustrations commissioned by "I'm From Driftwood," a non-profit organization that publishes and archives LGBT coming out stories from around the world. Client: I'm From Driftwood Art Director: Nathan Manske
Illustrations for Hermes of Paris and Sid Lee Creative Agency
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